Bee and Cedrix's House Warming Party

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Thomas, Bill, Bee and Cedrix in front of the house.

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Kathy and Bee in the master bedroom.

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Larry, Cathy and Christina.

Ilas-08.JPG (29675 bytes)
Larry tries to coax Bill into loosening up.

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Stan looking cool playing lifeguard.

Ilas-01.JPG (37290 bytes)
Water sports!

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Mandy and Stan.

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Morya and Steve.

Ilas-11.JPG (45645 bytes)
Mariseth and fiance.

Ilas-07.JPG (51145 bytes)
Adelaide discovers Paul and Thomas sneaking a smoke.

Ilas-05.JPG (31268 bytes)
Cristina enjoys a bite.

Ilas-04.JPG (43287 bytes)
Marc attacks Samantha for making fun of his attire.

Ilas-02.JPG (39167 bytes)
Kathy and brood leave in her spanking new Durango.