Prisca and Kazu's Wedding Reception
(Pretoria, South Africa)

Prisca Wedding-1.jpg (40427 bytes)
Prisca and Kazu before heading to the reception hall.

Prisca Wedding-7.jpg (37777 bytes)
The dance hall erupts into traditional song and dance.

Prisca Wedding-8.jpg (27731 bytes)
Cutting of the cake.

Prisca Wedding-16.JPG (28912 bytes)
The High Table (those are my parents at the left).

Prisca Wedding-12.jpg (41879 bytes)
Ntombi and Millie with the newly weds.

Prisca Wedding-2.jpg (39484 bytes)
Victor, David and Pondy.

Prisca Wedding-5.jpg (35230 bytes)
Ntombi, Busi and Mandy

Prisca Wedding-10.jpg (50907 bytes)
My cousins Dineo and Kenielwe.

Prisca Wedding-11.jpg (38286 bytes)
More cousins: and Pulane.

Prisca Wedding-3.jpg (36837 bytes)
My cousin Maleeto with her son and a friend.

Prisca Wedding-14.jpg (46097 bytes)
Nonki and his wife.

Prisca Wedding-15.JPG (35377 bytes)
Yours truly with the newly weds in traditional Japanese dress (at a post-wedding party at Anna's house).

Prisca Wedding-17.JPG (31165 bytes)
With Mandy at a post-wedding party.