Cristina and Thomas' House Warming Party

Thomas11.JPG (35538 bytes)
The grand house!

Thomas10.JPG (56986 bytes)
The house is surrounded by parks.

Thomas07.JPG (41105 bytes)
"Ye-ep!  I'm the master of this here domain!"
(You'll be happy to know he's not allowed to smoke in the house!)

Thomas06.JPG (29867 bytes)
Cristina in her office: "No Elvis bugs here!"

Thomas05.JPG (36185 bytes)
Stan in Thomas' office: "So this is what it feels like to be a big time web producer!"

Thomas01.JPG (33566 bytes)
Cristina with her relatives.

Thomas02.JPG (42342 bytes)
Thomas' folks.

Thomas12.JPG (54556 bytes)
The neighbors relax in the backyard.

Thomas03.JPG (37898 bytes)
The Intuit connection.

Thomas04.JPG (32249 bytes)
Anand is shown the master bedroom: "Wow, this is as big as my apartment!"

Thomas08.JPG (41438 bytes)
Julian gives Thomas some "gag" gifts.

Thomas16.JPG (46474 bytes)
Opening the real gifts.

Thomas09.JPG (26015 bytes)
Who let the paparazzi in?

Thomas14.JPG (38144 bytes)
Vic and David (who we can't take anywhere).

Thomas13.JPG (38988 bytes)
Kelly contemplates the next Saints/Rams encounter.

Thomas15.JPG (30853 bytes)
The newlywed Sinais!

Thomas17.JPG (33067 bytes)
Anand becomes a little too amorous.