Monet's "Le Grand Canal"
The world is an illusion
A series of images created in our minds
Painted on the canvas of our experiences, hopes, and dreams
We create happy strokes with pastels, crayons, and bright oils
And dark strokes with chalks and charcoals
Divining a circle that defines our existence
Not a sphere with regular lines and constant radius
But an amoeba
Amorphous, ever changing, and constantly on the move
Throughout our lives
Our circles intersect
Sometimes creating a kaleidoscope of wondrous rainbows in beautiful formations
Other times creating a tragic collision of jarringly colored disfigurements
But the kaleidoscopes and the disfigurements
Are also illusions
Love is not an illusion
But love is not the kaleidoscope
And the absence of love is not the disfigurement
Instead love is the energy
That motivates us to change the shape, size, and position of our circle
To create the harmonious symphony we seek
And that is the meaning of our lives
2003 Hugh Molotsi