The Meadow

You were walking with your companion
On the road from here to nowhere in particular
Besides the road was a meadow
Covered in the fresh green grass of spring
With gently rolling hills
Dandelions and butterflies
The meadow called to you
Let’s take a walk on the meadow
Just you and I
With our bare feet
We can feel the new life
Feel the new growth
Share the promise
And become one with the meadow
So you and your companion were climbing
In almost one bound
Over the wooden fence
Leaving the road behind
Off with your shoes
Off with your socks
Just the two and the meadow
 You began to run as if a child
Feeling the symphonies
The grass blades played on your feet
Round and round closing your eyes
You stretched out your arms
You floated like a plane
Over the meadow
 Up and down and down and up you went
Faster and faster
Your heart pounding in your chest
Soaring higher and higher
There was no better joy
Than two souls together
Dancing in the meadow
But all at once you realized
You were alone on the meadow
You looked back whence you came
And on the fence your companion was sitting
Watching and waiting
With a look of concern
Afraid of the meadow
You looked around and all had changed
Your feet were muddy
The bottom of your pants were wet
There were millions of insects crawling around
Animal droppings could be found
Gingerly you stepped
As you left the meadow
You and your companion were back on the road
Walking to nowhere in particular
Looking behind you with a heavy heart
You knew it to be true
As certain as the sun
Another day would come
When the meadow would call you

1999 Hugh Molotsi 

"The Meadow" was published in the August 2001 issue of the online magazine Yennek Monthly