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Michael Jackson — Dangerous
Produced by Michael Jackson, Teddy Riley

When it was announced that Michael Jackson's next album would not be produced by Quincy Jones, there was legitimate cause for concern. That association had produced creative and commercial successes in Off The Wall, Thriller, and Bad. With Jackson's increasing personal problems, many expected to be disappointed. The pressure must have paid off because Dangerous is indeed as the title suggests, Jackson's most adventurous work. His association with the father of the New Jack Swing Teddy Riley gives the album a fresh appeal. Riley has a genius for grooves as showcased in songs like In The Closet and Remember The Time. However, even the non Riley tracks pack an awesome punch. Give In To Me which features a blistering guitar solo by Slash (of Guns 'N' Roses) is the hardest rocking song Jackson has ever made and blows away Beat It. Keep The Faith has Jackson singing in an awkward key but with the help of the Andre Crouch choir, he blows the roof off the church. Tabloid TV may have turned you off Michael Jackson but as the title of that George Michael album suggests, you should "listen without prejudice."

Other great albums of 1991:

Lisa Stansfield — Real Love
Produced by Ian Devaney & Andy Morris
Amazing that Lisa Stansfied could follow up her great debut album with an even better one.  Features Change.

Lisa Fischer — So Intense
Various Producers
This Luther Vandross background singer finally got the spotlight.  She even won a grammy!  Features How Can I Ease The Pain.

Stevie Wonder — Jungle Fever Soundtrack
Produced by Stevie Wonder
Jungle Fever is one of my favorite Spike Lee joints and it has an awesome soundtrack (although this album doesn't include Livin' For The City which was powerful in the movie).  It does contain the tender Make Sure You're Sure and These Three Words.

Boyz II Men — Cooleyhighharmony
Various Producers
Bivins (of New Edition and BBD) can list as his greatest accomplishment discovering these great voices.  With much better things to come, it does feature the catchy MotownPhilly and It's So Hard To Say Goodbye.

Keith Washington — Make Time For Love
Various producers
This debut attempts to make Keith Washington the crooner of the nineties.  He has moderate success with songs like the radio favorite Kissing You.

Luther Vandross — Power Of Love
Produced by Luther Vandross & Marcus Miller
The title track is one of my favorite Luther jams and teh album also features I Who Have Nothing (a duet with Martha Wash).  However my constant complaint with his albums is that the good songs seem to be few and far between.

Mariah Carey — Emotions
Produced by Walter Afanasieff & Mariah Carey
A disappointing follow up but it does showcase her vocal prowess.  The title track is a rip-off of the Emotions' Best Of My Love. However it does feature Can't Let Go

Alex Bugnon — 107 In The Shade
Produced by Alex Bugnon
This super talented pianist packages his jazz in a funky, upbeat groove.  The great title track I imagine is a reference to Third World's 96 Degrees In The Shade.

Sting — The Soul Cages
Produced by Hugh Padgham & Sting
I was quite disappointed with this follow up to Nothing Like The Sun (which was probably impossible to match).  Sting has just lost his mother and the music reflects his mood.  However, this is Sting after all.  Features All This Time.