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Musiq - Juslisen
Various Producers

Some of the best new music over the last five years has come from the "Neo-Soul" genre - the fusion of poetry, jazz and retro soul with a hip-hop appeal.  Following in the footsteps of the likes of Maxwell, Jill Scott and India.Aire is Musiq Soulchild who's second album has deservedly brought him to the forefront on this music evolution.  You know doubt have heard the hits "Halfcrazy" and "Dontchange" which are indeed among the best tracks on "Juslisen".  However, there are other gems like the Beatles cover "Something", one of the best renditions of this George Harrison penned song that I've heard.  I also like the funky tracks "Caughtup" and "Future" which are great jams for cruising in your car.  The lyrics can be borderline corny but are always interesting and never monotonous.  Musiq's voice is top notch singing each word like he really means for you to pay attention and "just listen".

More 2002 Albums:

Al Jarreau - All I Got
Produced by Paul Brown and Steve Dubin
A fine follow up to the excellent Tomorrow Today, Jarreau once again teams up with the fantastic producer Paul Brown.  Secrets Of Love is one of Jarreau's best ballads and then there's the humorous duet Lost And Found with Joe Cocker.
Whitney Houston - Just Whitney
Various Producers
Like Michael Jackson and Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston's personal life has become a big sideshow that is overshadowing her career.  So lost in the noise is the release of a surprisingly good album.  My favorite track is the Isley Brother's inspired One Of Those Days.  Whitney's voice doesn't live up to her best work when she was on top of her game (I'm Your Baby Tonight and The Bodyguard), but she's still one of the best singers around.
Glenn Lewis - World Outside My Window
Andre Harris & Vidal Davis
Glenn Lewis has a great voice that's been compared to Stevie Wonder and Donny Hathaway.  This promising Canadian offers another Neo-Soul creation from the producers of Jill Scott's smashing debut with his own debut which includes the hit Don't You Forget It. 
Craig David - Slicker Than Your Average
Various Producers
Craig David's debut Born To Do It was a worldwide smash selling over 7 million copies.  He returns with a serious chip on his shoulder for all those who would deem him a one album wonder.  To his credit, he tries to spread out and show how his music has evolved since.  However, this album doesn't have as many gems that keep you coming back but I do like What's Your Flava and the duet with Sting on Rise And Fall (which borrows it's riffs from Sting's Shape Of My Heart from Ten Summoner's Tales).
Boyz II Men - Full Circle
Various Producers
Boyz II Men say they've come full circle but I think they may have gone a couple of steps back.  While Nathan | Michael | Shawn | Wanya was a creative breakthrough, Full Circle revisits old territory perhaps because of the aforementioned's disappointing sales.  For instance, there is the pleasant but somewhat tired Babyface-produced The Color Of Love.  However, the boyz still have great chops and they do the best with the material they have to work with.
Donell Jones - Life Goes On
Various Producers
Donell Jones has one of the best voices of the new crooners and You Know That I Love You is one of my favorite tracks of 2002.  However, a lot of the songs on this album seem repetitive and in need of more inspired lyrics.